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Upgrade Ad market pro V6 for license holders

phplinX Ad Market PRO V5 - 04.03.2019

German version for Germany, Austria, Switzerland

With our new phplinX ad market Professional V5, you will acquire a complex classified ad market with a shop, business directory and company directory, including a powerful redesigned administration area and with numerous new functions.

Included, of course, is one of 30 ready-made categories and more than 300 categories. Of course, you can also delete the categories and rubrics at any time or add your own.
Our phplinX ad market Pro V5 is characterized by clarity and comfortable menu navigation - even the "inexperienced" casual surfers find their way right away and will not be overwhelmed by resource-consuming games, superfluous functions and confusing link blocks.

The uploaded product images are converted into thumbnails on the server side. Instead of the original image, from e.g. 100 Kbytes, much smaller images (thumbnails) of just a few Kbytes (between 1.5 and 8 Kbytes) are generated and sent to the browser - this reduces the download time and considerably speeds up the page layout!

The (unencrypted!) PHP code is easy to understand, even for beginners and can be easily adapted to your own ideas with basic knowledge in PHP and MySQL.

A CSS-based design with 8 ready-made templates and numerous ready-made text pages such as the imprint, privacy, terms and conditions, revocation, FAQ, search tips, etc. are also included.

General information:

• ** New completely revised source code
• ** New responsive design
• ** New MySQL extension have been replaced by MySQLi extension
• ** New works until PHP 7.3
• ** New completely redesigned ADMIN range, modern and clear
• ** New logo upload via ADMIN area
• ** New Cookie Banner via admin area
• ** New guestbook
• ** New word filter function
• ** New IP address lock function
• ** New Email address lock function
• ** New Simple PayPal configuration
• ** New Google Maps
• ** New comment function
• ** New integration of Google Maps
• ** Newly improved gallery
• ** New legal adjustments to the DSVGO
• ** Newly revised installer, simple and fast, no manual customization of config file anymore !!
• ** New Admin LogIn System incl. Password Reset Function
• ** New scroll function in the displays for a better overview
• ** NEW Logo Upload for Business Shop
• And much more…

  - phplinX News and License System V1

• Convenient and easy-to-use administration
• Clear functions without resource-eating games
• Easy-to-understand menu navigation for visitors, members and administration
• The number of possible classified ads is unlimited
• Number of categories and rubrics unlimited (1 sub-level)
• Standard Account (free) and Premium Accounts with 3 Account Types: Prepaid (PrePaid) and 2 Flatrate Accounts
• Own advertisement shop for commercial members
• Oversized article images are automatically reduced to the allowed format after uploading to the server
• Product images are displayed as thumbnails
• Constant development and 12 months free support after purchase inclusive.
• Popular Ads - the most viewed ads, including clicks
• Comfortable detail search
• Visitor statistics - User agents and referers are recorded and can be viewed in the admin area
• Membership Statistics - Number of members, today online members and members currently online - with online list
• City Search - Visitors can search ads from their city with one click. Depending on the country settings, the largest or best-known cities in your country will be displayed - with the 3-Country option enabled, cities from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be displayed at the same time.

Ad Market Frontend: Frontend
Administration: Admin

Admin access:
User: admin
Password: admin

Members verification
Members can be verified by submitting a copy of the identity card. Verified members' ads' are automatically unlocked in real time.
• For visitors, the member is marked as "verified".
• This function can be switched off.

Visitor area - frontend
• Easy-to-understand intuitive menu navigation
• Clear listing of ads
• Random and TOP displays in the left and right menu areas
• TOP lists (text links) in the left menu area, number can be set - eg. TOP 10,
• TOP 20, etc.
• Searching for a strong, accurate and sometimes humorous search engine
• Sort the ads by date, price, zip code and alphabets
• Local area search by postal code or city name
• Extensive information about classifieds - detail page
• Convenient scrolling and sorting functions on the index pages
• Spam secure contact form
• Listing of all ads and the profile (if any) of a particular member
• Top lists, search functions
• and much more….

• Password-protected login area for members - password is stored as SHA-1 hash in the database
• Clear entry and change forms for various types of ads: search, bid, exchange, give away, services
• Desired period of validity of an advertisement selectable (1 day, 3 days, 1, 2 or 3 weeks, 1 month, 2 months etc. up to the maximum permitted validity period) ...
• Upload of up to 5 product pictures to the server incl. Check function
• Too large article images are automatically reduced to the maximum size without loss of quality
• Enable / disable ad store and public profile (commercial members only)
• Edit public profile (only commercial members)
• Configure own shop (only commercial members)
• Selection of various contact options: telephone number, eMail (coded) contact form or - if available - your own profile page.
• Credit Account: Member can order new ads and will automatically receive an invoice with VAT shown
• Credit account: Overview of open orders and already assigned orders incl. Print function and VAT.
• Member can edit and change his ads (approval of the change by the admin or automatic release possible)
• Upload changed article images to the server (approval by the admin or automatic release possible)
• Ads can be extended for another 90 days with one click 10 days prior to expiration (only premium ads)
• Own message area: Read and delete contact requests from interested parties
• Automatic e-mail to the member, if a prospective customer wants to contact or has questions

Account types (accounts)
Your members have 4 different account types available, which you can edit via administration (set prices), switch off and reactivate them.

1.Standard account
The account type for exclusively free ads. You can define the duration of a free ad in monthly steps in Administration. This account type can be switched off.

2.Prepaid-credit account
The member buys through an order form a certain number of classifieds, which are paid in advance.
The number of classified ads per order is freely adjustable in the administration. The member automatically receives a confirmation email with your account information, customer number, order number and order amount with details in net, gross and VAT.
Order summary with VAT shown. Date of order, quantity etc. Printable account statement with number of ordered ads, date of order, net and gross amounts and VAT. Display of open orders, including cancellation function Note above the entry form, when balance is almost used up.

3.Flatrate account "flexible"
The member pays 1x a fixed amount and can cease his or her classifieds for one month, half a year or indefinitely. You set the period yourself.
After expiry of the flat rate account, the member can edit or delete existing classifieds, new ads can no longer be entered.
This account type can be switched off.

4.Flatrate "annual account"
The member pays 1x a fixed amount and can enter an unlimited number of classifieds for exactly 1 year.
30 days before expiry - and at the end of the annual account - the member automatically receives a reminder with the note that his account expires shortly and can be extended by another payment for another year - or has already expired.
After expiry of the flat rate account, the member can edit or delete existing classifieds, new ads can no longer be entered.
This account type can be switched off.

Account verification
Registered dealers or retailers can verify themselves by sending a copy of ID or a copy of the trade license. Through your administration, you can unlock the corresponding account as "verified" - the registered classifieds are then released in real time without review.
A "verified" account can be changed to "unverified" at any time. Classifieds will only be activated again after being checked by the administration.

The option "closed member system"
If this function is active, you decide for yourself who will become a member of your advertising market. Each member must also be activated manually by the admin, even after clicking on the confirmation link (for example, after sending a copy of the ID), in order to be able to log in to his account. Pictures, prices and contact details are only displayed to logged-in members. Thus, it is also possible to operate an "adult" ad market.

View shop
Commercial members receive their own section in the advertising market, in this area only the entries of the member are displayed - with their own imprint, own terms and conditions, information pages, search engine etc.


There are numerous functions available in your administration:
• Comfortable and simple menu navigation ...
• Manage the categories and categories, create (1 sub level) including description ...
• Delete and change the category or category description ...
• Manage, modify, unlock, block, reject classifieds ...
• Extensive management of the system settings, just about everything is switchable ...
• Gradually set the maximum period of validity of an ad (1 month to 3 years) ...
• Listing, deletion of unconfirmed classifieds
• Expired classifieds can be reactivated or permanently deleted
• Newsletter Server: Send newsletter to members, archive, send again, save as template.
• Newsletter Subscribers: List, delete individual recipients
• Overview pages with preview function ...
• Modification forms for entries including preview function ...
• read and process inquiries and messages (AGB-violation ...)
• Extensive search functions - Ad ID' s member and user names, email addresses, descriptive texts, keywords and product names can be searched ...
• Integrated file editor, numerous files can be edited directly in the administration, e.g. the imprint, the FAQ and terms, error messages, the texts of the automatic emails etc ...
• Extensive sorting functions by date, price, premium or standard ads, validity, alphabetical, zip code ...
• Create and edit up to 12 definable fields for the ad forms
• Define the cost of a classified ad with designated VAT on prepaid accounts
• Define costs of a flat rate account (annual flat rate, monthly flat rate ...)
• Specify minimum order (display quantity) for credit accounts.
• Define selectable order units for credit accounts, eg. 10, 20, 50, 100, Classifieds.
• Adjustable starting balance e.g. 5 classifieds for debit accounts (can be switched off)
• Credit or delete orders after receipt of payment, and credited orders are automatically archived
• Print archived orders of a specific member or all members
• Print individual orders
• Block prices, images and contact details gradually or completely for visitors and make them accessible only to members.
• Enable / disable closed member system
• Almost all textual content, e.g. the welcome text on the start page, explanatory texts for registration, FAQ, imprint etc. can now be edited directly in the admin and also be designed with HTML.
• Tampering attempts by members are recorded and can be viewed in the admin panel
• Editing function for automatically sent emails
• Search in the archived orders, print out found entries
• List of unconfirmed applications
• The confirmation email when registering an account can be sent again
…and much more!

It's best to test our new, modern admin area once ...

Sales through advertising, premium ads ...
You can offer free standard ads or paid premium ads and also make sales through advertising.
You decide the price for a premium advertisement yourself.
Advertising blocks are possible in all automatically sent emails, editable in the admin area.
Numerous advertising blocks are already integrated and can be switched on or off by you:

• 2 banner ads in the footer,
• Banner in the center of the start page, just below the welcome text,
• banner ads in the header of categories and categories,
• Banner on all pages possible, e.g. FAQ, info pages etc.,
• Google ad units in the right menu ...
• ... under the headings on the homepage ...
• ... and under the categories
• Google advertising blocks in the member's ad shops (can be switched off)
• Google search capabilities on the detail pages and results pages of the catalog search

Simply enter in your administration your Google ID and banner codes of advertising partners in the system configuration - done.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
phplinX Ad Market Pro V5 completely waives so-called sessions and generates search engine friendly links even without "mod_rewrite". For example, the names of the categories and rubrics are included in the link.
The TITLE tag and the "Descriptions" can be created individually for each page.
On the "detail page" of a classified ad the name of the article including price and the first 190 characters of the description are included in the TITLE and in the descriptions.


The script offers extensive protection against cross-scripting and SQL injection. Passwords are stored as SHA-1 hash
By using superglobal variables the PHP code is independent of the register_globals setting, also the operation with save_mode = On is easily possible and thus offers additional protection against unauthorized interference from the outside.
All forms are SPAM safe, all entries are thoroughly checked. Outgoing emails are generated by the system and can not be misused for SPAM dispatch.
Images can not be accessed from the outside via a direct link.

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